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Anynet User
Nickname SomeUser
Real name Jim Bob Jones
Birthday Jan 1
(may be approximate)
66° 45' 40.84" N, 124° 7' 25.51" E
Image None

This infobox describes an Anynet user. All parameters are optional. This infobox takes the following parameters:

Parameter Description Example
nick IRC nickname. Currently, pipes are troublesome to specify; if your nickname includes a pipe, please use ❘ (U+2758 LIGHT VERTICAL BAR) instead. SomeUser
realname Your real name — what other people call you in person, anyway. Jim Bob Jones
birthday Your birthday. Please either do not specify your birthday or use "<MonAbbr> <Day>" Jan 1
location Your location. It's okay to fudge this a little, but the map will be most useful if you pick somewhere within 15 miles or so of where you live. The easiest way to specify this is <decimal_lat>,<decimal_lon> 66.761345,124.123753
image An image of yourself/representative of yourself. Bacon.png