AnyCon 2019

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AnyCon 2019
Subtitle Nard's Business Justification
Dates August 28 - September 1, 2018
City Sunriver, OR
Location 43° 50' 6.86" N, 121° 28' 5.99" W
Attendance 8 Weekend Warriors
Sponsors TBD


General information

Fly into RDM! Departure out of PDX okay on the return, but you'd want a flight later in the day (3PM or later)


Person Inbound Flight Arrival (Wednesday, August 28) Outbound Flight Departure (Sunday, September 1) House partial payment AnyRecon
Nifty American 560 (Seattle) 10:02am American 6049 (Seattle) 4:01pm yes --
ducas driving -- -- -- yes --
anthony driving -- -- -- -- --
IRule driving -- -- -- yes --
arima -- -- -- -- yes --
Nard Delta 2193/5858 (Redmond) 10:42am Delta 2001 (Portland) 6:15am (2 Sep ) yes --
Rain -- -- -- -- -- --
vendor cessna -- cessna -- yes --


  • 1 Forester from Portland
  • 1 Zoombox from The Great City of Roseville
  • 1 Cessna from Seattle


images never comin'

Movie Schedule

Tommy Lee Jones Greatest American Actor of the 20th Century. This years movie selection follows TLJ through his life as a crime fighter beginning with his stint in the MIB organization policing aliens on earth. After tiring of the strangeness that was associated with this line of work he moved into a roll at the more traditional law enforcement organization known as the US Marshals which was still too active for him leading to his position as sheriff in a quiet southwest Texas county. After experiencing a horror that is Anton Chigurh, TLJ realizes that earth is just as strange as space. Knowing his life is coming to an end he devises a plan to get launched back into space so that he can die as a hero.

Wednesday - Men in Black
Thursday - The Fugitive
Friday - No Country for Old Men
Saturday - Space Cowboys
Backup movie - Under Siege, Volcano


Pontoon - Lake Billy Chinook They don't take afternoon reservations so just show up?
Rafting - McKenzie River. 
Possible Hikes - Tumalo Mtn., Badlands, Black Crater
Lookin at stars - Pine Mountain Observatory, Only open Fri/Sat evening
Guest Speaker - Arnold Schwarzenegger "How rowing ruins your gains: cultivating mass in the internet age"