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AnyCon '06
Dates September 2-9, 2006
City Duck, NC
Location Unknown
Attendance 9
Sponsors Macshazer Foods
WPBA Atlanta
zinxthinx technologix

The 2006 AnyNet Conference.
September 2006

Macshazer4.png WPBA.gif Zinxthinx.png


Confirmed - September 2-9, 2006. Gogogo!



  • Simulated AnyCon flag.
  • If you want to fly to the area, Norfolk International (ORF) in southern Virginia is the closest major airport. PHF is about 30 miles north of ORF. You might be able to get a cheaper flight there. Someone can come pick you up (they're only a couple hours away).
  • If you're an amateur pilot, here are some possible airports:
    • Pine Island (7NC2) - about 5 miles north of the cottage. Private, but looks like we could get permission to use it.
    • First Flight Airport (KFFA) - about 10 miles south of the cottage, and literally at the Wright Brothers' Memorial. Public. Problem: can't park for longer than 24 hours.
    • Dare County Regional Airport (KMQI) - about 15 miles south of the cottage. Public. Actually has an FBO, fuel, and looks like you can tie-down for several days at no charge.


If you think you may be attending AnyCon, add your name here.

  • Tim Thompson (IRule)
  • Jeff Katten (vendor)
  • Ben Winslow (|Rain|)
  • Matt Higgins (Nifty)
  • James Sulak
  • John Koch
  • Mike Strauch (ThePlaque)
  • Angela Swindell (ThePlaque's ball and chain)
  • Daniel Chen (crimsun) -- arrives sometime the afternoon of the 2nd -- departs sometime mid-afternoon of the 5th
  • You?


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PHF arrivals (Sept. 2, 2006)
Arrival Time Person Airline / Flight
11:27 am Jeff Airtran 903
11:36 am Matt Delta 1006
ORF arrivals (Sept. 2, 2006)
Arrival Time Person Airline / Flight
1:29 pm Ben US Airways 3947
1:43 pm John Delta 1581
2:28 pm James Continental 2005
3:16 pm Tim Northwest 1448
PHF departures (Sept. 9, 2006)
Departure Time Person Airline / Flight
3:21 pm Matt Delta 6165
4:50 pm Jeff Airtran 644
ORF departures (Sept. 9, 2006)
Departure Time Person Airline / Flight
12:45 pm Tim United 3416
1:35 pm Ben US Airways 3806
2:25 pm James Continental 2515
4:09 pm John Delta 6692

Things We Might Want to Bring

  • BBQ sauce (arima is all over this one)
  • Stereo system (but if you play any JPOP, I will kick your ass) (got one there now)
  • Krispy Kreme (crimsun, hook us up, yo!) <-- no really, you _don't_ want donuts delivered from Greensboro
  • Condoms (You can never be too careful with the locals)
  • Webcam simulcastatronics (for long-distance AnyNet bureau comms to Japanland and beyond)
  • A DVD Player that will play every movie except Fletch (got one there now, but it might play Fletch :()
  • Cheap plastic kite


This section is sponsored in part by Whataburger®.
  • require sausage, egg and cheese


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The final transmission from AnyCon 2006.

The AnyCam!


File:Com centre 06.jpg
Communications Centre
The Anyhole